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This is interesting! I did have a preconceived belief that lobster is extremely pricey. I suppose it really matters where you live! Some places, it would be reasonable. Ok. Let's see what others think.
I'd like to see the following in public assistance programs. 1. Work from home options, for those whose children are in school, or able to work on their own some, if homeschooled. This way they wouldn't be working just to pay for childcare. And it gives those with young children a chance to be the caregiver. 2. Raise the amount you can make before benefits start disappearing. As well as the amount you can earn and still qualify in the first place. This one applies to...
For those who want to keep debating the fraud issue, I've started another thread. http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1373192/public-assistance-debate
We've been having a discussion in the parenting forum about welfare programs and it has gotten into a fraud debate. Since this involves parenting choices and money management, I think it should be in a general forum. So ... Please keep to the topic, and keep responses respectful. Let's look at a hypothetical case. Someone uses food stamps to buy lobster. Even if it's for a *very* special occasion, is it also fraud? Special occasions can be celebrated without...
Wow! Much has been written since yesterday! Mammal mamma -- Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Your summarization of my point was beautifully written, and showed you did think about my words! I am grateful that you did, and sorry I did not return the favor! In addition, mammal mamma, your latest post shows we agree on much! I appreciate the effort you made to move to compromise. In general, sometimes people are quick to jump to conclusions and react emotionally. I have...
Thanks for responding and understanding. I thought I had researched well, and now I'm frustrated! I have to do other things right now, but will read what you'v provided later. Thanks for the info!
Certified organic gets tested annually. Talk to the farmers. That's why sometimes they don't use gmo seed or chemicals, but can't claim to be organic, officially. Are you saying all soy and corn is now gmo? I have to run, but I'll check back tonight for a response.
Interesting as this debate has been, I must go now. My parting remark is this -- he should get tested so that if it's something other than the flu the discussion will lose momentum. Just my opinion.
How do you know what thousands of people are thinking and feeling?!?Your promise is meaningless! It lacks foundation! You have no basis for presuming to speak on behalf of others, including me!
Media reports, especially radio, are saying severe, bad, nasty, etc. If the announcers are being inaccurate, that's out of my control. I'm just telling you what's beinf broadcast.
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