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This shows the lack of understanding. It is not "smug" to feel taken advantage of. It is not "smug" to feel frustrated.Think about what you are reading. Please. Before responding. You are missing the point.
Whoever got him to get the vaccination on television in the first place!
Come on! If he gets tested, and it's not flu, then that would improve public opinion of the vaccine. By not getting tested, he is increasing the number of folks believing that the shot caused the illness. Sheesh! This is not statistics, but common sense. If it is the flu, you can still argue that he had already been exposed, and was just asymptomatic at the time of the injection.
Since he didn't take to his bed, it can't be "man flu" .
Where can I get more info on this? I want to make big changes for the better, so I want all the help I can get! If Mars wants to pitch in, great! So, is there something I can read to explain this? I googled it a few days ago, but was disappointed with what came up.
I'm not trying to be argumentative, but I need to understand this issue better. I've relied on rice for years, so even though we've not eaten much the past 3 years, I have given it to my growing son for a good bit of his life. Always certified organic. Now you're telling me that organic rice is grown beside conventional. That would definately contaminate the organic fields!! How can it still be certified organic if the water and soil are being contaminated?!? Doesn't...
Thank you!
And maybe you're feeling superior, yourself.This is about struggling to make ends meet! Not feelings of being on the bottom rung!
It seems that a lot of what's being said comes from knowing the problem in theory only. When you have lived in that zone where you don't qualify, yet skip meals so your child can eat with the heat on in the winter, and you see those with more money piling up deductions to avoid taxes, and others not working while receiving the assistance you can't have, THEN we can talk about this. Some programs may be designed to be temporary, but people find ways to abuse them. It's a...
People strike out when their feelings are criticized.
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