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Some children cry without making a sound when the crying is intense. This is a few days old, now. OP, if the bickering hasn't scared you off, how is he now? And I agree that the response from the pediatrician's office was poor.
The question, when deciding if it's ok for the child to get him/herself something instead of eating the prepared dinner, really is 'how often is "on occasion"?' If it's more than once a week, I think the cook has to do more to provide for the child. I don't think anyone is saying the cook has to completely cater to a child. But catering only to the adults, or only the cook, is what is unacceptable. So, how often is "occasionally"?
Is rice from India safer? I would be concerned after some the things that have come from China (lead in paint used on toys). I don't know if other countries regulate, whereas if I buy from a farmer in my own country, there's some regulation, and I can call the farm if I have questions.
I agree with talking with the farmer and other farm workers as a way to get organic and non-GMO.
Have you been keeping the diary? Write what you eat and when, along with how he sleeps. You may see something. It can be hard having to change your diet, but you will get some peace in return.
Someday I hope you will be grateful that he was honest. Keep him as a friend only if it is not too painful. But if you really want children, you need to find someone who shares that desire. If you force this man into having children with you, he'll resent it and the relationship will end up ruined.
Pediatricians tend to be concerned about iron intake because formula generally causes iron deficiency. Breastmilk is different. I never worried about iron with my son, since he was exclusively breastfed. When he started solids, I still didn't worry, because he still was getting breastmilk as his only milk. If you are getting enough iron, and breastfeeding, your child should also be getting enough iron.
Portal. Hmmm. There must be a way to do that ...
I love the herding cats comment! Is that an analogy? A metaphor? I never can remember the exact meaning of those words. I struggle with spelling, too. Thank goodness for spell check! My son learned to spell by writing on the computer and running spell check. I live in a suburb of a city, so I have no chickens, garden or 4-h stories. I regret the garden, most of all! I grew up with one, and wanted to pass that onto my son. He's a teen now, so I kind of feel it's a...
Each person has a different story, and we shouldn't judge each other. Would I stay in a job that was adversely affecting my health? No. Would I work where I didn't feel safe? No. Would I stay in a marriage where I felt I or my children were in danger? No. Welfare is needed so people have the ability to protect themselves. Still, I do make choices that someone else might not make. My choices are based on my priorities, which are unique to me. It's too easy to take a...
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