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In ten days, there's no additional information?
Then what can be compared? The 40 paralyzed in a small region/village in Chad has already been compared to the number of vpd or meningitis deaths for the entire continent of Africa. It has been compared, by you, to the number of deaths in Chad for a three month period. OHHHH! It's acceptable to compare the forty to ANY number of deaths, as long as the number of deaths is greater, and makes the vaccine seem safe!!! Thanks for the info!
It is a duel edged sword. On one hand, you know the benefits, on the other.... it is sad. Be kind to yourself. It passes. Give yourself a hug from me tonight.
I am confused about what, exactly, is the path of no education. There is no way I can comment reasonably until I know what I am discussing. Please explain.
I read your post yesterday, then got interrupted as I tried to answer, and never got back to it. I just read online last night that niacin (b-3) deficiency adds to dry skin. I plan to try to add sources of b-3 to my diet. Some virus is making the rounds in our family, so I haven't tried the I statements, yet. Just trying to get through each day for now.
I agree. It's your job to make sure she does the assignments. Put up a calendar where both of you can see it, is my suggestion. Put her assignment due dates there, and everyday write what was done to reach them on time. In time, she will be able to do this for herself. Good luck.
It sounds as though you have, for the most part, found a way to deal with the past for yourself. My only concern is the children. If she hasn't changed, and still does things that are harmful, then the children are at risk. They should know the truth, so they can identify abusive behavior, should someone treat them with abuse. Pretending everything is alright mau result in them rationalizing abusive behavior as acceptable. Then they could be abused. It's something to at...
Processed and chemical foods are not part of our diet, at all! I forget that others might have candy or store cookies in the house. How foolish of me! It's been so many years without that stuff, I forget it exists. There does need to be clarification from the OP, if those kinds of foods are part of the problem.
Are you still going to replace the ring set, even though it may not solve the problem? I can't see my husband buying a new ring, unless (maybe) the old one is gone -- like in a landfill somewhere.
Geometry Demystified has problems to do. Also, look online.
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