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Zinc is added to silver, gold and platinum, to make it hard enough to handle everyday wear and tear. All precious metals are too soft to not get dents and dings. Twenty four carat gold is the most gold there can be for jewelry, but it's not pure. 100% gold is so soft that it has been pounded as thin as tin foil by hand. I'm glad things are so good that you feel your husband would agree to a new ring set, even though it wouldn't solve your skin problem. I also get dry...
Depending on how sensitive he is, he could be affected by inhaling problem food vapors. For instance, I cannot go to the mall from Friday afternoon until Sunday, unless I stay far away from the food court. Breathing in the food particles can make me close to passing out. I am extremely sensitive. Someone with less sensitivity would probably have an adrenaline response and have difficulty sleeping.
I don't have the farms close by, but have a wonderful natural food store that carries only organic produce from the closest farms possible. It's pricey, true. I avoid produce for allergy/intolerance reasons. Boy, do I miss it. I have to make do with frozen or canned. The advantage is it's cheaper than the fresh, and by buying cases I get a discount. We all make our choices based on what's necessary and what options are most feasible for that location.
Don't want to make your own, yet? Here's one place to get beeswax candles. http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=10&ved=0CF8QFjAJ&url=http%3A%2F%2Fthreesistersfarmsnaturals.com%2Fcandles.html&ei=09b5UOuYCarU2QW1_IFg&usg=AFQjCNHHzQMf0xKu21v60Em7wS4X-1AFWA
Quick googling has revealed the following : Catholic stores sell beeswax candles (sometimes used in conjunction with food blessings at Easter) Michael's Crafts (and possibly Joann Fabrics and Crafts) sell beeswax sheets to roll your own. Also, you can make your own in jars. This might be best for power outages. http://www.abeautifulmess.com/2012/09/homemade-beeswax-candles.html
I found this today. Don't know if it'll help, but might be worth a try to improve sleeping. http://www.lakewoodjuices.com/did_you_know#top
I was hoping this was a thread about making beeswax candles. I did that as a young teen, and loved it. Have you googled beeswax candles?
Warning! All heresay. There are no links or written material to back the following information. The information came from an individual I used to be friends with, but no longer have much contact with. The flu virus mutates, true, but looks enough like the previous year's strain that the immune system recognizes it quickly. The theory is that because there was an all out production of t cells, some are still being produced a year later and match the newer strain of virus...
Maybe he could be excused from those homework assignments and do something more challenging instead. It's a shame about homework time being so late. Six year olds are rarely their most cooperative just before bed. If he's not having problems in school, I'd back off the homework battles at home. Homework is meant to reinforce a concept. If he already has mastered it, it's brain numbing instead of building.
No, I don't. I think continued interest in circumcision is a result of the 'scientific' medical community's hold over much of the population. I've been told by women who had their sons circumcised that there was "no way I could possibly keep that clean". And no amount of information shakes that view. It's so sad! They tend to formula feed, too. So out of touch with nature, it's like a canyon exists between us. A canyon of 'intelligent, scientific' information flowing...
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