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I'm coming down with flu , DD is 2 weeks old. Without baby I would take 5000-6000  of vit. C and go drown gradually taking it 3 x day. Can I do that while breastfeeding? If not any alternative vit. C schemes?
Hi, Found this Acorn Innerspring Crib Organic Mattress but have no clue if it's any good and what to look for. Please advise: http://www.thenaturalbedstore.com/organic-mattress/acorn.asp TIA Agnes
Looking for natural advice to help with my reflux. I did not have any problem pre-pregnancy. Thanks a lot!!!
Agnessa, expcting baby-girl on the 21st, please add
My dr (60 yrs old PHD) belivees that it's completely fine. So would most European doctors. I have 100 ml  of red wine with a diner now and then. Perhaps 8 times during the 5.5 month.
Hi, Years ago when my 10-years old was  newborn we had a home phone system with room monitoring feature by Seimens. It worked way better then traditional monitor that was always broadcast every move and breath. I set up the level on noise and which headsets to call if that noise is reached. Now I'm looking for something similar, any advice?  Thanks  
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