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I've been having terrible allergies lately. However, I can definitely say it's from pollen. & our neighbor has been baling hay for days. I'm just waiting it out. Although, in general, I eat local honey to help with it.  
Kale, I haven't heard of these Preggy Pop Drops...I'm going to find some after work. I need some relief! Thank you!  
In the past few days (I'm 7weeks) I've had terrible dry mouth. I drink water all day and know it couldn't be dehydration. Is anyone else experiencing this? Would it have something to do with my nausea?
My first appt. is April 25th. I will be 7 weeks. Is the u/s something you have to ask for, specifically? They didn't mention it.  
I feel you. We have two social commitments this week, and both will involve some social drinking. I'm just hoping to claim responsible designated driver status in both situations. Or, you know, say "I'm so tired, I'll just fall asleep if I have a beer!" It is tricky, though. Personally, I would not have that glass of wine. No way.   Or, you know, you could call in sick to the party.  
We're using family names. Arthur or Ernest for a boy. Cecelia or June for a girl. I get soooo excited about our little person when I think of the names. As for middle names, we're using family surnames.  
Tell me about your preggy tea! I'm a monster mint tea drinker & now that I can't have it or any of my other caffeine tea treats, I'm lost in the afternoons.    
Dried fruit. Yummy! I want some right now!  
This is kind of a funny story, I guess. I mean, at least for country people/ farm folk, like my hubby and me. We rent our pasture out to our neighbor, as we don't have cattle and we like to see the creatures and hear them moo. So, this weekend, we notice that the spicket that fills the water bin is trickling and we call him. This guy is a fourth generation Okie and a true cattleman and super nice. He gets to chatting with DH and mentions that he'd like to "do us a favor"...
New Posts  All Forums: