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 this is exactly why we made the move from purees to chunks with DS when he was about 7-8 months old. He was so frustrated to not be included in meal times. I think he could tell from smells and colors that mom and dad don't eat mushy banana puree for dinner. He is so much happier now that he can feed himself some. He still doesn't eat much but gets a lot of practice! Some of his favorite foods are freeze dried yogurt dots and stewed meat. At first I was much more...
we've been feeding DS Stonyfield's organic full fat "Yo Baby" since he was 6 months. That's what the container recommends, since it is made from cow's milk. He loves it and has gone from eating a third of a container to a half and now a full container at a sitting. He eats about one 4oz container as a morning snack every day, and also loves sharing mom and dad's Chobani on the weekends :)
My son is built to make car seats obsolete. At almost 9 months he is in the top 95th percentile for both height (including a long torso) and weight, and has been since birth. He just outgrew his Keyfit and the marathon is one of the few seats which fits in my small car and has a prayer of getting him to 2 years RF. We are still finalizing a seat for DH's car, a Jetta Sportwagon. Right now we have a Radian in the center, and it can fit behind the passenger seat allowing...
Mine broke in the labor tub at the hospital after ~24 hours of contractions and back labor. I was changing positions to kneeling when I felt a pop, heard what sounded like a big bubble "blurp!" and then my womb just felt... different. I had an urge to push shortly thereafter and DS was born after 3-4 hours of pushing.   I guess it's convenient that it burst in the tub - no extra cleanup!
  that is too funny - you have a very sharp little one! For me, it's when I forget to pull my hands-free pumping bralette out from under my shirt when I arrive at home/work/the store after pumping on my commute. It's bright red, and I've caught it trailing from my clothes or falling on the ground a couple times. It makes me feel like I'm tracking a piece of TP, but for something even more private!
Oh my what beautiful babes our group has! I will introduce our new DS whenever i get around to firing up the computer.
Congrats dandelion and the other new mamas! I have been offline since going into labor Sunday the 19th. We welcomed baby boy (we were team green bt everyone expected a boy) on may 20 (41+5). He is precious and a nursing champ. Big love and labor vibes to everyone still in the wait. May you have your babes in your arms soon and enjoy every loving minute. Hugs and prayers!
congratulations new baby mamas!   Trish, it's awesome that your twins are 40 weeks! Good luck with the birth and I hope it happens any day now.   AFM I had what will be my last MW appt yesterday. We had a biophysical profile first which baby scores 8/8 on, and I have plenty of amniotic fluid. Things seem to look good aside from the whole baby-still-on-the-inside part. My midwide suggested trying EPO so I picked up a bottle last night and tried 1 capsule vaginally...
  Lenny, that's a beautiful thought.   I'm still here at 41 exact with our first, and trying to enjoy this as much as possible. I'm grateful for the life blossoming in there, thankful I had a pretty easy time over the past 9 months, and feeling like my body just likes being pregnant.   Good luck to Pastormama and anyone else who may be heading for induction.
what a supportive mother! (both your mom's generous gift and your plans to EBF!)   Before having your mom buy a pump, it's worth checking to see if your health insurance will cover it. You may need to get a prescription and buy it through a medical supplier, but if that means $250 to spend on something else it's well worth it. Just call your insurance and ask.   Both the Medela Pump in Style and Ameda Purely Yours are double electric pumps suited to going back to...
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