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Oh, I have been there. With DS1 I had to have NST after 41 weeks. I felt great, baby checked out great but emotionally I was worn out! I finally delivered at 42 weeks! Hang in there. I'm glad you are still checking in and keeping us updated. :-)
This part is great! I am so happy you got an OB was so willing to be flexible! You had one marathon of a labor and I am glad you and Porter handled it all so well! 
I am loving reading the updates about your babies!!    Marcus is ONE month old today! The time is flying so fast. I think a lot of that may be because we have had one sickness after another in our house. This last round I got this flu (or something like it) that the kids had and I had a fever for 4-5 days. So not fun! But I am happy to say that except for some residual coughs our family has been healthy for 2 days...first time in 3 weeks! But I have been trying to...
You sound as surprised as I was about having an early baby after having my other pregnancies go late! So, so happy everything worked out the way it did. Pepper is beautiful! Can you imagine if you had been planning on having a traditional hospital birth?! They would have pumped you full of pitocin since you water had broke and you weren't in labor! Imagine how badly that could have gone for you and Pepper. I am so happy that all through this journey you followed your...
New weekly thread.    http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1371168/12-30-weekly-thread
Hi mamas!   HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!      How is everyone doing? I think we still have a few mamas who are waiting to deliver? Looks like we will have some January babies!    How are all those babies doing? How is everyone doing with postpartum stuff?
I recommend reading Dr. Sears "The Vaccine Book" and Stephanie Cave's book "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Your Child's Vaccinations".
Aaaaw, not true! But come give us your birthy updates on the weekly thread. It seems to be the most read right now! Harmony and Kel, we won' t forget you!! 
Ginger! Thanks for posting the picture of Jude. She is beautiful, just like all your other children! (Truly, you and your DH make the most beautiful children)! How did things end up going with your MIL and telling her about the DS? Is she still there? I could see how you could skip telling her because Jude really doesn't look like she has strong DS facial features. I hope things went well with her visit and that she was a big help to you and your DH while you adjusted...
new weekly thread started: http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1370762/12-23-weekly-thread
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