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WOWZA! I can't imagine finding out I have 6 less weeks than I thought I did! But I can see from your signature line that you are not new to this mama stuff so I'm sure you are adjusting just fine to this news!  Welcome!
I think I am now talking myself out of there being a problem.  I'm thinking the hiccups are just a whole lot more noticeable with this LO because I am feeling them up so much higher since he isn't head down yet. Now I am feeling like such a neurotic.   
OK, I don't even know what made me look up hiccups. All my babies have had them. I think I looked it up because with this pregnancy I actually find that the hiccups are more frequent/last much longer than previous pregnancies. So, I looked it up (more for fun) to see what causes them as someone on here a few weeks back said they were the baby kind of practice breathing/using their diaphragm.    Well, what I read (http://www.preginst.com/UmbilicalCordAccidents2.pdf)...
That seems to be a bit over cautious I would think. Four in an hour!? I get as many as 8-10 an hour for several hours at a time for weeks at a time with all my pregnancies.... No PTL here.
It is so funny to come on here and see this post because I was just thinking today..."I don't feel like I am anywhere near having this baby". Sweetmilk, you and I have the same due date (35 weeks on Monday) and I am just really feeling like I have a good 6 weeks to go!
I just looked on their website and they are only open M-TH....probably why you can't get through to them. 
Kateadelle, this is not good news, it's GREAT news! So happy to hear this. 
Mamabeakley, I have a vague memory of someone posting that too. I can not remember who it was!   I don't know if you care to look at other sites or not but I have to say that just as mamatwo8 suggested, I was super impressed with In His Hands. Not only did their prices seem really reasonable but my whole order arrived like three days after I placed my order! I couldn't have been happier with their service!
All this talk about different ways that babies come into a family reminded me of a funny story about my nephew. He was adopted at birth and so was his little sister. When he was about 8 or 9 my SIL and BIL were explaining to him about how babies are conceived. He was very calm and after they were done he said "I am SO glad I was adopted so that you and dad never had to do THAT!"   He is 12 now and I am not sure that he has any idea that his parents do THAT!    nhklh,...
Sego, love the pumpkin!! Zebrachick, you are such a cute pregnant lady and I love your head wrap! If I knew how to do them I think I would wear one everyday! OK, so I have been on here talking about how this baby changes position all.day.long! These pictures are taken one day apart and my belly is shaped completely different in each picture (AND it looks like I have a couple stretch marks from last pregnancy that are showing up on camera)! These are...
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