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We have a few ideas, but nothing we love yet for a girl. We are pretty sure on a first name for a boy, though. No middle names yet.
Oh, my aching heart! Tonight at bedtime J barely nursed at all and then asked for some almond milk. While I was getting some for him, DH gave him a snuggle and asked why he didn't want mama milk. J said "It doesn't taste good. Mama milk tastes weird." I knew getting pregnant would likely bring about an end to nursing and a large part of me wanted that. I didn't think it would happen this soon, though. I figured we had at least two more months, but I think the end is going...
We don't have one yet. My son was (and still is) Bubble O. We are eager to come up with a nickname for this one but everything we've tried so far sounds forced. A name will come along, I'm sure.
At my first MW appointment we'll schedule a dating u/s because of my irregular cycles. Hopefully I'll be around 9 weeks when we have it done. I got a peek at my son around the same point and it was so beautiful and overwhelming to know there was a healthy, perfect little bean growing in there! I didn't realize how scared I had been until I started bawling when she showed me the heartbeat.
I'll be 8 weeks at my first midwife appointment on May 7th. It feels like an eternity until then! I'm so excited to be with the same primary midwife I had last time. She is fantastic!
I'm new here and I can't speak for everyone, but I sincerely hope that this group will be a place of love and support and kindness. We are all on different journeys with different families and will make different choices. I think you're doing an amazing job! 19 months of nursing is something to be celebrated!
That's great news! Congrats!
I'm taking Sisu Multi-Expecting.
I am hoping for a homebirth this time around. With my son I made it to full dilation at home with just my husband. J was born 30 min after arriving at the hospital and we went home 3 hrs later. The trip to the hospital was totally pointless and I look forward to staying comfortable in my home this time.
After we called the midwife, I had to text a close friend. She and I have both been TTC while nursing for over a year, so we're on this journey together. I dearly hope that she is close behind. We ordered an "I'm going to be a big brother" shirt for J and we're planning to use him to share the news when the time is right. Not sure when that will be yet. I had pretty bad nausea and vomiting last time, so it's impossible to keep it a secret from people I see regularly....
New Posts  All Forums: