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Thank you for sharing. I love learning about families who have a completely different make up to what I'm used to. :) Have you always had an open relationship with your DH or were you monogamous at first? If you started off monogamous, was there any sort of difficulty transitioning to polyamory?
I second the second hand shops for maternity clothes. Around here all the second hand kids clothing shops also have a maternity section. I bought new stuff from Motherhood in my first pregnancy and felt so ripped off.   Things are good for me this week. Today is my first day taking no nausea meds, and it's going fine so far. I've been tapering down for the last month or so. We have our anatomy scan on Wednesday and I'm really excited, but I can't decide if bringing J...
I will probably be encapsulating the placenta this time. I had no issues with milk supply or ppd last time but I bled for 7 weeks. With my son I had heard of delayed clamping and stupidly assumed that if it was important my midwives would do it as standard practice. Unfortunately the cord was clamped and cut before I had even caught my breath after pushing. :(
Tropicana - I'm feeling the same way lately. I started heavier last time and gained 30 lbs in total. Here I am not even to the halfway mark and I've gained 25 already. It's freaking me out a little, but you're absolutely right. This is such a short season in the span of our lives, and for me I know part of my weight gain is from knowing how to better manage my nausea this time around. I'll take the extra pounds any day over hanging out over the toilet bowl for weeks on end!
Congratulations on your beautiful girl with a perfect name! We had a woman at my LLL meeting last fall who was nursing her DS son at 10 months. She said it was a struggle in the beginning to work on his latch, especially when all the doctors were telling her that your couldn't breastfeed a child with downs and she should just switch to formula. She found a good Lactation Consultant and had great support from her family and at 10 months he had never had formula. She said...
I can't help you on the dizziness, Travelmumma. I've never had that as a pregnancy symptom. Tonight marks the start of heartburn for me though. I imagine it will continue until birth like it did last time. I seem to remember that last time I had a few weeks break between the end of nausea and the start of heartburn. No such luck this time, but at least neither are too severe at this point.
Hmmm. That didn't seem to work. Let's try again.     Ok, well, if you twist your head around you can see me. Not sure why it switched to being sideways.
I'm finally joining in the belly photos, but first I have to say you are all gorgeous with adorable bumps!! This is me today at about 18 weeks.  
These stories are making me giggle my head off! Sorry to laugh at everyone's misery, though. I agree, travelmuma, you should get some sort of crown or medal. ;)   I've been lucky this time around to be on some excellent medication and better able to manage my nausea through my diet, but in my last pregnancy I gave myself several black eyes just from the force of my vomiting. Walking around with my husband I felt like I should have been carrying a sign that said "He...
Cieloazul - I saw this posted on twitter a while back and bookmarked it before I was even pregnant. It has come in very handy as a way to ease my son into watching birth videos with me since they're well laid out. Each video shows progressively more than the previous one. I waited until J started asking questions about how the baby comes out and now at least a couple of times a week asks to watch "videos where the babies come out from their...
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