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I was anemic in my third trimester last time. Mentioning fatigue to my midwife was her tip-off to send me for blood work. After I started supplementing I felt so much better.
 I agree about your pet peeve! It seems like the pool of boys names is shrinking as more and more names get pulled over to the pink side. Jordan and Ryan I like for a boy, but won't use them because I hear them for baby girls more than boys these days. Even names like Meredith and Ashley started out as boys names way back when, so I don't think this is a new phenomenon but it seems to be accelerating.
Good to know! I bought that one I found online, mainly because I want to try wrapping without investing a ton of money and freaking my husband out. I've seen some gorgeous stashes people are selling and I'd love to be able to have half a dozen wraps in different sizes, colours and fabrics, but that's never going to happen. I figured if I buy a super cheap one to start there's better odds of me being able to swing a second, better quality one down the road. :)
Cieloazul - The fabric store is my next stop. I found one DIY wrap for sale used that I might buy, but otherwise I'll be making one. Cotton gauze might be too light a material to use with my toddler, but I'm sure I can find something a bit thicker. I'm really excited to learn some new carries!
Thanks for reminding me about that site! I checked it out when my son was new and quickly got overwhelmed. Now that I know what I'm looking for it's perfect! I've spent every hour that J has been sleeping today browsing through the wraps. Still a little overwhelmed, but heading in the right direction. :)
Thanks! I've bookmarked both the website and video. I'm hoping to either find a used wrap or DIY one, since many of the beautiful ones I've seen for sale are out of my price range at the moment.
I've worn my 32 lb, 2.5 year old in our Ergo a few times recently, but it's starting to get uncomfortable around the belly. Last time he very sweetly got upset at the idea of me clipping the strap around my belly because he thought it would hurt the baby, but when I explained that it didn't work any other way and the baby was fine, he was ok with it. I'd like to get a woven wrap for the new baby anyway, and I'm wondering if anyone has found that more comfortable to carry...
Darkblue - Thinking of you and your family! Sending serenity and good weather vibes your way. Purpsefuldoula - That birth sounds amazing! Does attending births get you excited for your own upcoming birth? I love birth so much and I can't wait to get to do it again! We are having a quiet day around here. It's extremely hot so J and I will probably play inside for the afternoon and maybe head to the splash park or the beach after dinner. Our holiday was on the weekend...
I never heard a swallow or saw any evidence of milk after 7 weeks, and now we are done. Friends who have continued to dry-nurse say they start hearing swallows again somewhere between 15 and 20 weeks when colostrum starts to be produced.
That's so exciting! Feeling baby move is definitely one of the best things about pregnancy. I'm feeling movement from the inside but nothing on the outside yet. I can't wait to be able to share that with my son! And my husband of course, but he has BTDT last time around.
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