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I don't keep track of what I eat, but I feel like I need an absolutely ridiculous amount of protein these days. It is a phenomenal help in controlling my nausea. I probably eat 4-6 eggs a day in addition to meat at least twice a day. I still eat plenty of fruits and veggies and whole grains, but not much dairy.
Personally, the thought an epidural scares me far more than the pain of birth. If a natural birth is your goal, it's really, really important to prepare yourself by reading as much as you can, taking classes and/or watching birth videos. The book Ina May's Guide to Childbirth is a great place to start. I'll be re-reading that this pregnancy, for sure! I can say from experience that there are ways your body can be in pain that are worse than a normal, uncomplicated birth....
Mine is booked for July 25th. I'll be 19 weeks and change. We won't find out the sex but it will be my DH's only chance to come in during an ultrasound and see Bellybean. Also, my cyst isn't completely gone (it was too twisted to remove. They had to drain it and it refilled a bit) so this u/s will also scan my ovary to make sure I'm still good on that front. I really hope July passes quickly! I can't wait!
You and your family are in my thoughts. I hope everyone is still safe and the danger is passing.
@ tetiana - Everyone's return to fertility is different. My period returned at 11 months but it still took us almost another year and a half to conceive. We had planned a spacing of 18m - 2 years, but in the end it will be 3 years almost exactly. Now that I've had an 18 month old and then a 2 year-old, I'm really glad I didn't have a newborn at the same time. Family spacing is such an individual choice, though, and sometimes, like for us, you think you're going to be able...
DH, DS and I went to a buffet for dinner and DIDN'T get dessert! Then the ice cream truck came to the park and we didn't get an ice cream either! I'm a little low on exercise wins these days, though, and I'm feeling like my body needs some more movement.
I agree. I don't quite have the courage for an unassisted birth and my DH would never be ok with it, but I do love the peace and calm in the videos of unassisted births I have seen.   My labour with J was just DH and I all day and it was great! By the time the MW came I was fully dilated, but she definitely took charge. I didn't like it, but didn't stand up for myself either. I have a different team of midwives this time, and I'm going to make sure I speak with each...
  I love when my name comes up in baby name discussions! The only drawback to it as a name is that people don't expect it to be so simple. I get Alyssa, Elise, Lisa, Allison, etc. when I introduce myself to people, and then when they do pronounce it correctly and try to write it down an extra i or h often gets thrown in at random.   My son is Jeremy Jonathan, and this baby will have a similar easy to pronounce, easy to spell kind of name. Hopefully not one that's mega...
I am so very sorry for your loss and sending peaceful healing thoughts to you and your family.
Yay! There's no sweeter sound to a pregnant mama than hearing a strong heartbeat! I'm glad it's feeling more real for you now.
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