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My 2.5 year old was done at about 10 weeks. I had a hand in reducing the frequency and duration we were nursing, and then he just stopped asking. My milk was gone at about 7 weeks and I had really strong aversions. For the last few weeks I felt like I needed to punch something every single second he was latched on. I had thought tandem nursing was a possibility for us, but was fine either way. To be honest, I'm glad now that we are done. We are learning new ways to snuggle...
We had my son swaddled only for the times he was ready to sleep and I wanted to lay him down after he nursed to sleep. This time I plan to do even more babywearing so that will probably mean less swaddling. I agree that every baby-mama pair is different and what works for some won't work for others.
It's so hard to wait for news. Sending strong and peaceful thoughts your way, but when you need a good cry go for it!
I've been through this once before and learned a few lessons. My son was due Dec 23rd and born on the 19th. I fully expected to still be pregnant at Christmas and therefore going to my IL's was out of the question. They are local, but have cats and my allergies and asthma in my third tri made it impossible to spend more than 15 min in their house. I also knew that being either very pregnant or having a brand new baby would mean I wasn't going to be cooking, so we had...
I haven't had any alcohol yet this time, but I certainly will. In my first pregnancy I had a total of maybe 3 drinks in half-serving sizes in the third trimester and a lovely Bailey's laced hot chocolate to warm up after a walk in labour. I definitely think our North American society is far to paranoid and judgmental over this. When my mom was pregnant with both my sister and I she was advised to have a half pint of Guiness every day or two as a sort of prenatal vitamin...
How exciting! Congrats!
I sleep in all three positions: back, belly and side. Even when I need to sleep on my side I'll still be rolling partially onto my belly or my hips get really sore.
I'm in.
username: eandko real name: Elsa EDD: 17th Baby #2 homebirth with midwives no strong feelings for either boy or girl
Hi ladies,   I haven't been online much lately. With the nice weather my little man and I have been spending lots of time outside. We also just got back from a week's vacation at a rented cottage. It was very lovely.   I'm fully recovered from my surgery, and had an ultrasound last Friday that showed a beautiful, healthy, growing baby! It was so amazing to have seen a little gummy bear at almost 9 weeks and then an actual baby at almost 13 weeks. I feel so...
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