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(((hugs))) I hope you're feeling better soon. Don't worry about the meds and your diet. When it gets to that point I think you've just got to do whatever works.
Thanks Travelmumma! I think it's my favourite photo ever. :)   When I was pregnant with my son I thought he would be a girl, and really, really wanted him to be. As soon as he was born and my husband said "It's a boy!!!" I was thrilled and fell madly in love with him. He is so sweet and calm and sensitive, and not really what I expected from a boy at all, but even if he was loud and super-busy and climbing the walls all the time I'd still be madly in love with him.
Someone in my last DDC swore she could feel baby at 9 or 10 weeks. It was in one specific spot and when she went for a u/s that's precisely where the baby was. You never know.
Shiloh and OSUvet, huge hugs to both of you.
Had a wicked awesome birth dream last night. I was just thinking how it was strange I haven't had any pregnancy dreams since my first pregnancy, and then I got a great one! I birthed a healthy boy at home unassisted with just my hubby off in the background. I felt awesome!   Just thought I'd share. Any other birth/pregnancy dreams happening out there?
So, just to ramble a bit, J and I are moving towards weaning. It's mostly led by me. We have been down to 4 times a day quite consistently for the last several months. I recently cut out his first thing in the morning feed. The first day he was absolutely furious. We had talked about it ahead of time, but I guess he thought I wouldn't stick to it. He screamed and screamed at me for about half an hour. The second day he whimpered a little but got over it quickly. The...
I'm 31 (32 this month) DH is 41. We have been together 4.5 years. Got legally married while pregnant with J (2.5 yrs). The pregnancy was planned. I didn't think the order of things mattered until I was pregnant and hormonal and just wanted the paperwork to make it official. It literally was just signing paperwork though. No celebration of any kind until last September when we had a very small and very lovely wedding. My profile pic is me nursing J (then 20 months) on our...
So sweet to see all these little beans! I have my dating u/s on Thursday, but I won't get a pic. Honestly, I'll be lucky if I even get to see the screen. Here they're supposed to just scan you and not say anything or show you (except at the 20 week anatomy scan.) You're supposed to hear any news, good or bad, from your Dr. or midwife. With my son, the tech let me see though. I'm hoping against hope that it happens again!
I think I felt J around 14 or 15 weeks.
What an amazing story about the roadside twin VBAC! I love that she knew what her body needed to do.
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