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This is why I love a DDC! We're all in this together, girls. :)   My two biggest complaints are fatigue and nausea/vomiting. I'm on Diclectin (unisom/B6) for the nausea, which helps a lot, but makes the fatigue worse.   Also I have major baby brain. I've forgotten my purse in two different restaurants, which prompts my husband to constantly do "purse checks" when we're out somewhere. And speaking of restaurants, we've been living mostly on meals out or delivery...
Awesome! It's the best when you find something that works!
What a horrible and hurtful response!   We've had overwhelmingly positive reactions, but haven't told many people about this pregnancy yet. When we announced my first pregnancy to my Dad and step-mom I told them "You're going to be grandparents!!!" and she said "Well I'M not.... oh but congratulations anyway." Gee thanks lady. I'm trying to include you here and you trample all over my big announcement.  
I'm so sorry, mama. Sending peace and strength your way.
(((hugs))). I hope you're home and feeling comfortable again soon.
Add me to the Broken Intuition Club! I was absolutely certain that J was going to be a girl. Positive. I was surprised and delighted to hear my husband saying "it's a BOY!!!" in the moment I felt him emerge from my body. I'll never forget that.   This time I'm thinking boy, but I'm a lot less certain.
    I think it varies. I was offered mine by the midwife after my hospital birth. I said no, but this time I'll be keeping it.
Last time I was pregnant I bought these lightweight pants that rolled up and fastened into Capri length. I wore them through summer, fall and winter. For winter babywearing, I didn't have a big enough coat, so I bought a couple of clamps that people use to clip blankets to strollers and I'd wrap a blanket around baby and carrier, close my coat around the whole enemble as far as it would go, and then secure it to the blanket with the clamps. Add in a big, warm scarf to wrap...
With my first pregnancy it started around 5 weeks. This time I wasn't nauseous at all until 6 weeks, with my first actual vomit happening this morning at 6.5 weeks. I was worried that it didn't start earlier but now it's here I wish it would go away! Lol. The biggest factor for me is eating protein. I'm eating a lot of meat and eggs and I keep a protein bar beside the bed for when I wake up. I'm off grains almost entirely. My hubby and I wanted to try a paleo/primal diet...
We have started calling this one Bellybean and the nickname is helping me to connect with bub.
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