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  I have this anxiety too. When family visits from out of town I will have to hand my baby over constantly for days. I'm dreading it. It's nice to know I'm not the only one. There is a lot of pressure to be cool with handing the baby over for other people to hold. Our very first weekend after he was born I got emails from people I've only seen a couple times in years asking if they could come visit. Um...no. 
Home Vaginal G2P2 41w 8lb 15.5oz Male
Ascher, I'm up 30 lbs at 32 weeks. I gained 50 last pregnancy. I'm right on track with that again. I wanted to only gain the 25 to 35 lbs recommended for my BMI. So not happening. And last time I gained while nursing. Awesome .  I guess that's just the way I roll (no pun intended). 
Jend, I'm so sorry. I'm crying after reading your post. We had to put our dog to sleep at the beginning of July. It's still hard. I miss him a lot but it is getting easier as the weeks go by. 
Hugs . Sorry to hear you are having a rough time. I can't leave the house much either. If I walk too much or carry my toddler for too long, my pubic symphysis pain is awful and leaves me hobbling the next day. It sucks. There's so much that I'd rather be doing than sitting around at home. The heat wave is really getting to me too. 
I am 29 weeks. I have pubic symphysis pain that has gotten really bad in the past couple weeks. This morning I woke up and could barely roll over. When I worked up the courage to move I heard a horrible cracking noise in my hips. For a moment I was like, "they are going to bust apart!" Most of the day I'm fine as long as I don't pick up my toddler too much, walk long distances, or do pretty much anything involving too much twisting, squatting, etc. But laying down at...
ArtificialRed - I have the same problem with most bras, the shortest adjustment is still too loose. Bravado bras work for me though. I have a few different styles and they all have plenty of room for strap adjustment. They're expensive but they're comfortable and offer lots of support. I never hand wash but they have held up well to machine washing. 
Calpurnia7 - Is it necessary to get it done while pregnant or can you wait? Where I live new parents receive the booster free of charge once the baby is born. I believe in the effectiveness of vaccinations so I did get the booster when I was offered (after making sure it was okay to do while breastfeeding). I'll have to check to see how long it lasts but I think DH and I should still be up to date. I might ask my parents to get boosters as well since they'll be around...
We've used g-diapers before. I had the disposable inserts. Putting them in the covers was slightly annoying/time consuming.  I think they'd be fine with the cloth inserts they sell but I haven't used them so I can't really say. I just couldn't see the point of the disposable insert when you have to wash the cover anyway. Maybe I'm just not into hybrid diapers. Plus they are expensive. They didn't leak though.
Judybean - You could also try opening up an Etsy shop. It's pretty quick and easy and I think very cheap to do. You're stuff looks very cute and well made so I'm sure you won't have any trouble making sales.    Ascher - I felt some frantic vibration movements the other day. No idea what causes it but I felt it with DD too. I was worried that it was some sort of seizure, such a crazy fast movement, but DD is fine so I'm not worried this time. I wonder if it's the baby...
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