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How is your little one sleeping?  What time is bedtime and naptime(s)?  How long is he/she sleeping at night and during the nap(s)?  Also, how do you get them to go to sleep? Thanks!
I find it interesting that the OP mentioned it seems like a cult.  Did you (the OP) know there is a Waldorf support group thread on this site?  I believe it is under the Personal Growth forum.  My daughter is suppose to start her Waldorf playgroup tomorrow, but now I'm finding a lot of odd things about Waldorf online which is giving me second thoughts.  I still plan to see for myself, but what I'm reading is basically saying that even if I see it for myself I will still...
Interested in purchasing a nice wood toddler table for my 18-month old. Do not want one with toxic paint/finish.  Anyone have a nice natural wood toddler table or know where to find one?  If so, please let me know where I can find one.  Thanks!
My daughter is 5 weeks old and still sleeping a ton!  I keep asking myself if my first daughter slept this much.  I thought she was awake much more after only 2 weeks.  Also, my newborn loves to be held when sleeping!  She is getting better about sleeping in a bassinet or will sleep in a bouncer, but seems to hate being put down.  This makes it very difficult to sleep at night!  Hoping this changes soon.
Thank you! Woke up in the morning and was bleeding A LOT!! When I got to the hsp they said I had an abruption and the placenta had begun to tear away.
I was due 6/1 and Megan was born 5/19 via C-section.  OUCH!!!  But, she is healthy and that's all that matters.  :)
I'm also 1 cm. Was checked today at my 38 wk appt.
Kind of going through the same thing, so going to post my question here and hopefully both of us will get some advice.  :)   My daughter (14mo) all of a sudden is refusing her crib.  She won't nap or stay asleep at night. We stay in there and pat her til she goes to sleep. Last night we finally brought her in our bed. If I let her cry (which I am against) she just stands in the crib and cries (tried it for 1 min, 5 min, and 10 min). We also tried a night light. It...
Glimmersnaps - thanks for posting the peaceful parenting link!  She has great pictures of her setup and ideas.  I haven't checked out the other two links yet.  Does anyone know of any other sites/blogs that show a in-home Montessori set-up? Also, I'm interested in the imbucare box and object permeance box.  Does anyone know of a good/cheap place to purchase them?  Everything I'm seeing is around $35.  Also, are they worth it?  I would assume once the child learns how...
To the OP - I have been feeling the same way.  I'm due the 1st and feeling very similar.  I wanted a 2nd one badly and now just trying to spend every second possible with my daughter (she is only 14 months) because I know her life is going to be turned upside down shortly.  I feel so guilty about how this is going to affect her.  And, as mudhugger said:  What the hell was I thinking?, that keeps entering my mind as well.  I really wanted to have another and thought it...
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