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Hi everyone. I'm on cd 27. I'm exhausted and having very vivid dreams; however, I am sick with a fever so that could explain things. Taking a test on the 11th, if AF doesn't show by then.
Hey all, CD 7 here and I'm so optimistic for this cycle! Hubby and I just put an offer in on a house! I hope we get it! Then I'll need to get prego to fill in the house some!! EEEeeee!! So excited for 2013. I KNOW this just has to be my year!
JustJenny - We saw a doctor March 2012 and she said I needed to lose more weight before she would start considering other possibilities. We were going to get my husband tested and then we got pregnant so I think that means he is good, right?
AF came today. Move me to Waiting to O please.
Thanks for the new thread Anya! Happy new year to everyone else!! I am pretty sure I got a positive opk on Dec. 24 so I'm going to wait and test next week. I used WAY too many tests earlier this month because I thought for sure I was pregnant so I'm going to focus on not letting the desire to test overwhelm me. IF I did ovulate I REALLY hope we caught the egg, If we didn't I'm not going to stress out. I feel good about 2013. DH and I are buying a house in March and I...
CDsMom1031 Huge Congrats Nicole!!
Sparkle - I took a test today (12/27/12) not FMU and didn't see anything. I'm not going to test again until the 31st or 1st. I'm hoping that my positive OPKs are detecting pregnancy not ovulation because IF I ovulated a couple days ago we definitely missed the egg! *fingers crossed* for a giant big fat positive in a few days! I'm optimistic we'll all be posting pictures with two fat lines soon!
Thanks for new thread! Merry Christmas to everyone!
I hope so too!!
Hey ladies! Can you guys help me out here? I've been going crazy the past three days because I don't see any lines on my HPTs but my cousin does! The pic of just the hpt is FMU (after only 4 hours of sleep) at (I think!) 8dpo. The succession of HPTs and OPKs are from like 30 minutes ago (SMU). What do you guys see? The test lines on the OPKs are showing up before the control line. Thanks, Em
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