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Hi ladies, Huge grats and sticky bean to Sarah and any other bfps!! Babydust to all waiting to O (the fun part lol)! AFM- I think I officially am in the 2ww now! I'm so optimistic about this cycle seeing as we were able to BD every other day (even while out of town)!! Anyone else in 2ww know when they are going to test? I think I ovulated on the 17th and Christmas is really early but I have a feeling I will still test. If I can hold out I think I'm going to wait until...
...and sticky eggs and lots of BD for those of us waiting to O. :-)
Happy Birthday Anyalily!! Here's to a week of bfps for everyon in 2ww!
AF is here so move me to Waiting to O please.
Hi All, First off HUGE CONGRATS TO STARFISH!!!!!!!! Banana - I'm sorry everything is all out of sorts in your life. I am still hopeful everything will fall into place very soon!
Hi to all the new people! Welcome =) Sorry I haven't been on as much lately. I started a TTC Vlog and thatt has been taking up most of my free time. LOL. I'm stll on the same cycle, GAH! SOOOOOO FRUSTRATED! I just want it to be normal already! *sigh* anyway, CD 43 for me. No pregnancy or AF symptoms which leads me to believe it's going to be another anovulatory 50+ day cycle. I'm going to test tomorrow morning again because I'm CRAZY impatient and we will see from...
Congrats to amlikam, dayiscoming, gratefulstella, nerrisav, kitteh, Jaxxy, sweetmama, and any other October BFPs we don't know about. marquess - So sorry *hugs* I'm still hopefully optimistic about your future tests. LivingSky - hang in there! Hopefully your BFP is just a few days away! Canvas - sorry everything is so stressful. I hppe your bfp comes at the best time for all of you. Have fun BDing ;-) Nettles - GOOD LUCK!! Sarah - Sorry I don't know at all but...
Grats Stella! We went crazy telling everyone last time too and it didn't stick, so I completely understand. I'm sure I will want to tell mothering since we are not going to tell others right away when we get our bfp. Again, sooo exciting! Welcome fateme.
When you go to make a post up where the options like bold, italics, underline, size, color etc are there should be a little paper clip you can use that or click the one to the left (when you high light over it, it says picture). I hope you are able to upload soon! So exciting!Oops, didn't catch the part about you trying to do it from your phone. Try it the way I said, if that doesn't work maybe there is a way you can make it your profile picture or something. =)
Hi all, Anya - Thanks for the new thread. I'm glad you're sticking around through all this. I wish I had been more active during my loss. As you know, this is a great place for love and support. Nerissa, Amli, Kitteh, and SweetMama- HUGE CONGRATULATIONS! Sooo excited for you guys! Day and Living - I hope you get your BFPs very soon. Both of you have very exciting/promising symptoms! Lots of baby dust to you. AFM - I can't quite tell when I O'd because my temps were...
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