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Well hello, everyone. As I enter my third trimester, I thought *maybe* I should join my DDC! I'm "due" Dec 15, but that could be pretty off. We'll see. This is my fourth bubba and only one of them has made their due date (born ON her due date). We're currently in the process of moving, and minimalizing. Insanity! Can't wait to get in the new house and settled.
Pretty much what KathyMuggle said.
WV children certainly do not have superior health, that's for sure. Overall, WV has pretty terrible health issues and a big obesity problem... No pun intended.
It is misdemeanor child neglect in WV to not fully vaccinate school aged children against certain things (like measles, mumps, rubella, pertussis). Health dept spokeswoman clarified that this is for all school aged children, even if they are homeschooled. So, here we are sitting on the state line, with cheaper hone prices out of our reach because there is no way we're going to risk moving into WV... The health dept even has to "approve" medical exemptions for them to be...
Thanks, you two :-)
Sigh. Ohio it is... What a shame. I think I will write Gov Tomblin. I grew up in WV and am not returning because of their vax laws: that's pretty sad.
Hi, I currently live on the state line, Ohio side. So, obviously, no vax issues even if we didn't homeschool. But we're looking to sell our house and downsize. Honestly, the housing options tend to be better on the WV side. To give you an idea, we could buy a house that is about the same as our current house for significantly less $$$ (30% cheaper). However, I'm concerned about the stricter laws and regs in WV. They've really been cracking down, suspending or expelling...
So, looks like no one has replied to this. Are you still looking for an answer? Don't want to type out a bunch if you aren't but will quickly say to my understanding (I live in an area of OH with a good sized homebirth community) CPMs e would absolutely not be allowed in hospitals here in OH. However, I know without a doubt that there are CNMs who do homebirth in my area of Ohio. I have more info if you want, including a CPM midwifery school. Let me know.
That was supposed to say appointments, not spots.
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