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There are CNMs who practice d do homebirth in Ohio. For example, Delphine Silvermoon travels out if Athens (for the birth she'll travel, the spots are at her home/office). I also recall reading about another practice of midwives (CNM I think) up closer to Amish country. Either way, I know Silvermoon midwifery does homebirth. Google her, great website. I bet she'd be happy to help you find someone if she can... And I bet they network and know each other. Good luck!
I keep worrying about my DH. He works in healthcare and had to decline and write a reason, etc. Waiting for the day when it's the shot or his job:-(
Also, fyi I've heard it's a little early for Chicken pox. It's a January and later type thing, so if you can't find it now, look then.
We have been blessed with a wonderful gp doc who I feel I can actually trust. He asks only that whatever decision we make regarding vaccination be an informed decision, i.e. not made out of fear but researched.
61 mos and counting!
Something similar happened with my daughter. Took her to my ped since I can actually trust him. Told him I flushed the wound with water because we were at a hotel and didn't have hydrogen peroxide. He told me that was fine and that he doesn't recommend hydrogen peroxide because it can do more harm than good. Freaked me out too, but she was fine :) We selectively vax so she did get a tetanus just because she "needed" it anyway (for pertussis) but Dr. said she didn't need...
Do you happen to have an article about this? I couldn't figure out the right word combo to google, and my search returned too many results:) Very interested to hear more
1800 sq + 950 unfinished in the dry usable basement. We have three kiddos. It works well for us, but I was a little worried when we first moved in about cleaning. It's worked out so far, just had to get used to it and make a schedule.
We had a positive quad screen with our last pregnancy and our daughter does not have downs. Nor does my niece, who also had a positive quad screening. For us, the amnio was not worth the risk. I will never get that screening again. I'll be thinking you and sending peaceful thoughts your way!
Off the top of my head, I know that measurements can be inaccurate in late pregnancy... but that's more for guessing size, I don't know if it would be inaccurate from head to femur measurements. Late pregnancy ultrasound is better for checking fluid levels, not growth in my understanding. Good luck!
New Posts  All Forums: