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Check out the video Psalm and Zoya if you can...fabulous!! 
I got everything I needed locally :) It can be done! LOL
So I was so sick a couple of weeks ago with a nasty intestinal bug and spent all day and night on the toilet for about a week. Needless to say I got a hemorrhoid from all the toilet time. Anyway, got it to go away but then yesterday it just popped back up something terrible!!! I feel like I've tried everything, so needing some new suggestions of how to get this under control. Thanks girls! 
Just did a google search and there appears to be a couple of reliable groups that do provide distance or online educational courses 
purpledragonfly, I think that method is also illustrated in this book...not 100%, but think I've seen it there. http://books.google.com/books/about/Emergency_Childbirth.html?id=F3X7IYnG9BIC
Yay! What a sweet story :) 
Great story! Good work trusting your body!! 
I didn't get a chance to read all the comments so pardon me if it's already been said. LOL    I also don't vax and have a very, very healthy child who never gets sick (knock on wood). My realization recently is that parents that choose not to vax are also more likely to BF, eat healthy or be a little more "crunchy" than those who do vax. Not to say a vaxing parent isn't one of those things, but just that it is more likely if they don't they will fall into one of...
I am having my doula at my UC birth. I consider her my "lifeguard" someone who is outside of the situation other than my husband that can support me and let me know if I need to change my plans. I would say that when you are looking for someone you need to interview a few and see who fits best with you. Also, sometimes you can find someone who is looking to become a midwife so they may have more knowledge or experience than others depending on what all you want. Hope...
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