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Moomintroll books are fun and unusual (for read aloud) Beautiful picture books are still popular at that age (or should be!) also more complicated picture books- William Steig comes to mind, Kate and the Beanstalk is great. Borrowers, Edward Eager, Edith Nesbit (5 Children and It). All of a Kind Family I usually assume people have little house, Roald Dahl, etc
We live in a ~630sf 1 bedroom apartment and all the family has one br- 2 parents, 2 girls (3 and 1) and one boy (8). So far it's fine. Son wants his own room so that his sisters will stop messing with his Legos etc. we hope to be able to afford a 3-bedroom some day but its not in the realm of possible right now.
Well in my late 30s I became unintentionally pregnant using FAM so I would be hesitant to advise my daughters to use it before they are at an age where they would welcome and celebrate pregnancy. Do you have a midwife who could provide some counseling in person? Our very, very natural minded HBMW was quite comfortable with IUD, both copper and hormonal.
Non free range opinions welcome too, of course. But I'm not looking for remote worst case scenario things. More like-- what age is this appropriate? What sorts of safety skills should we practice? If it matters, DS is tall for his age (looks more like 10). I actually worry that could make him more a target for random bullying, which does happen to boys, as I recall.
My son, currently almost 8 1/2 has asked me if next year, when he is in 3rd grade (will turn 9 in November) he could be dismissed from school on his own an could walk to his ballet school alone. It involves crossing 3 streets (not terribly busy) and walking on a well populated sidewalk to Lincoln center (we live in manhattan), walking across Lincoln center and over a footbridge to ballet school, which is restricted entry to ID holders and has security guards (I/e pretty...
Lynn, what great suggestions. I am really struggling right now to be a gentle parent to my intense 7yo, and failing at it frequently. I am going to share your post with my husband.
when you are in a moment of not being angry, can he tell you why he doesn't want to go? If he could articulate what is bothering him (and you might have to ask some leading questions... does he think he's missing out on stuff at home? does he not like the french immersion- you already changed that) then you can change that? Maybe if he has a plan for something special you will do when you pick him up, he can look forward to that and know he's going to have some nice...
I like Gross-Loh's book a lot, as I recall, its written in a way that is very open to you practicing EC in the way that works for you (I didn't feel like it pressured me to be "diaperfree" or 100% EC or anything. Or to judge myself as somehow failing at EC if that wasn't possible for me for whatever reason). For me the whole focus of doing EC is not on banning the use of diapers, but on providing my babies the opportunity to eliminate in places other than a diaper, and...
Oh, but if your LO won't use the Ikea or BBLP b/c they are small, you may not like pottette. its also small. My kids have been fine with the little potties (even though they are largish kids) so they didn't mind it.
love the potette plus and it packs up very small. our friend borrowed it for her large 3yo. It uses either disposible inserts, or you can hang a plastic bag and something absorbant... or I guess stick a bowl under there. What I mean is, its just a ring, no bowl.   how hard would it be to just buy a potty in thailand? I have no idea what people do there for potties.
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