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this is true for me too, but WHAT I eat matters a lot. When I can keep my diet high in veggies, protein, and fat, I do well. But its hard b/c there are soooo many things high in carbs and sugars (and things I previously thought of as very healthy) that are just not so good for me. And those things always seem so delicious. And with tandem-nursing, I really am quite hungry. Ugh.
agree with lifeguard: tie a wrap carrier way tighter than you'd think. Like, pretty tight. Then when you spread out the material and shift it around, baby fits like magic.  
I agree that "socialization" for a 15mo in a group setting is in no way a necessity. Social interaction, of course, is important but that can (and should!) be provided in a one-on-one care situation, small group, or group. home-based care might also work and be more flexible, if you can find the right provider. That worked very well for my son at that age. I have to say, he was very verbally and physically advance,d large for age, etc, but I wouldn't have wanted him with...
Ah, the poop scoot...   my guess is that the ultra fussy babies are about to go through a big developmental spurt (or are in the middle of one: getting "chatty" and getting mobile both sound like that to me)
lifeguard, I know you've had to be much stricter than me and still needed meds with the GD, hugs to you. You've done AMAZING things with your weight loss and gaining strength and health. I hope with some more sleep and some more time for healing and you see some of the changes you deserve in your measurements.
I assumed the worry was that they could roll up and out... once they are rolling well I assume they would not suffocate b/c they would move themselves if they couldn't breathe. However, you probably have be more careful about extra bedding etc (b/c they could pull it up over themselves or something).   I stopped using the moses basket when I looked over and saw my first child half OUT of the basket in his sleep. I have bedshared with all my kids for their primary...
  LOL   All my kids have this ability.
lifeguard, I had lost 16lbs at around 1 week or whenever I first weighed myself, and have lost nothing since, despite walking ( while babywearing) 2-3 miles a day and following a moderately low-carb diet. And I am tandem nursing. And I am SO FREAKING HUNGRY. So, that puts me about 18-22 lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight, depending on what number I am counting (my guestimate of before I was pregnant or the first time I weighed myself, when I was already bloated with that...
poor little girl! (and, her mama). I hope she is all better very soon.
rosemary, a lot of people can tolerate butter if the cow proteins are the problem. I have a friend whose son has many allergies (celiac, also intolerant of dairy and soy, poor kid). He can eat ghee- which stands in well for butter in many recipes.
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