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i hurd it was dangerous but i can try lol 
???  their is no info missing. gave you the facts doctor wants me to gave her earlie for my saftey. but to late im due in a week as of tomorrow. if you must know the complications i had where.... 19 weeks. i woke up at 3am thinking i was peeing myself. NOPE i was bleeding like someone cut me open...i could have lost her.  23 weeks . i decided to fall on my back down the stairs and aggravate my uterus. and cause very bad contractions, i couldnt even notice luckly. was...
im due any day really but i hope TONIGHT please read my what happened forum...im worried...first time mom 
so ive been trying to look up what exactly happened to me this evening but i cant find ANYTHING!! so i really hope this has happened to someone....here it is...   Sorry might be kinda long....   so at 11:30am today i had my 38 weeks and 5 days appointment, finally a solid 2cm not just maybe 2. my cervix has gotten really soft so...YAYYY. but doctor pulls my cervix again just to help... ( .....like its doing anything...)  he says well i hope you have her this...
doctor really wants me to have this baby this weekend!!!! nipple stimulation, what are your throughts????
raspberry leaf tea is also good for your uterus!! it helps prepare you for labor i drink it everyday, but be careful it puts some women into labor if their almost 100% effeced of dilated!  either way its good for your body 
if your this far along try some raspberry leaf tea, the organic kind it may not start labor but itll help the prosses my mother inlaw did it and two hours later she had my sister inlaw. but if it doesnt its still good for your uterus and can make labor easier. im only 38 weeks and 3 days 2 cm dilated and no contractions what so ever. i drink the tea everyday and somehow i can notice it doing something!!!! either way its healthy for you:) 
ill find out on friday!! :) the pain has decreased now just normal pregnancy pains i dont have a uti it doesnt hurt to pe and my urine isnt funny looking. :) ive only had a pain like someone is sticking a needle in my pelvic bone and then the baby pushes her head super hars on my bladder to were  i can feel her head with my hand, but from what ive read, thats pretty commin and normal. correct me if im wrong :)
should of been more clear, to soften my cervix and not in it but near it. lol im trying to induce because i am a very small person...and my husband is a big body builder. the doctor wants me to have her earlie for a safer delivery. when not pregnant i weigh 116, and im 4"11. my huband is 5"10 and about 225... see the difference lol
About 10 seconds ago i had my DH insert a primrose capsule into my cervix, or a least as far as it would go lol i am 38 weeks and 50% effeced my friends mother told me to try it, she was exactly where i was but a couple of days less. and it broguth on her labor. Has it worked for anyone else? and if so how did you know it worked?? and what did your contractions feel like??         EDIT: the capsule dissolved, but i leaked alot of it out!! what does that mean 
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