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Callie and big sis
No cycle yet and no baby fever is a huge understatement. I got preggo earlier than I would have preferred this time around and it led to my first weaning despite my best efforts. Honestly I have had zero libido and we have had zero physical intimacy. I just can't picture another baby for years if ever
False, I had an oooold Camry before getting married I have never owned a pricey, impractical purse.
I need to sell some wraps and a RS: I'm getting into minimalist mode. This is my Storch Leo I got for the summer (if it ever comes) and it's making me not reach for a bunch of the other pretties lol
FEEEET!!!!!!!! Hangin' out with dad
Gratuitous Callie pictures!!
Callie is sitting and attempting to eat with gusto. I have yet to have her 6 month appt because I keep forgetting. She's slowed down on the growth, thank goodness. She can't be much more than 22lb. Here's a pic for fun
I took the survey and loved what I saw I actually just bought a sewing machine and plan to make a bunch of bright, cheerful, comfy stuff for my girls.
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