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The best gift is the gift of time. Whether that's bringing a meal, doing a chore or watching an older child, freeing up mom to rest, relax or bond with baby.
The gel can be very effective. I wasn't much more ready -if that ready - and 2 rounds of gel got me 14 hours of labour from "I think that was a contraction" to baby in arms. I'm hoping this time to skip the gel but won't be too upset if I need to go that route. I hope if you need the gel that you have a similar experience
False. Driving is a calming influence for some reason and helps me feel more centered. The person below me is hoping for more babies after this one.
Popcorn hands down. Would you rather get a gift certificate to a nice restaurant or the same value to a grocery store?
C- Canada (notice a pattern?)
True. The person below me has help lined up for the post partum period.
Ooh Cinderella, I hope the strip did it for you!!
A- Alberta
True. 2 kitties or meow meows as they're known around here. The person below me is craving something right now (fish n chips for me).
R - Robert
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