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perdita - the placenta doesn't bother me, but i really really dislike the cord stump. it totally grosses me out. ethan's smelled so bad, i had to blow dry it daily with cold air to dry it out faster. blech. i can see it in pics, just irl is grosses me out.
we were breach 4 weeks ago, head down two weeks ago, and i'm pretty sure she's breech again. :/
i think we'll do a print this time since it's or last & then ditch it. we're in a rental, so i'm not burrying it, and we moved so many times with the last two, i just don't want to store another for so long, lol.
baby #4, homebirth #3 here. not going for a water birth this time. didn't really enjoy it with #2 (went from uncomfortable to wet and uncomfortable, lol), and tub didn't fill fast enough with #3, lol. so we're just skipping it this time. we do have a big tub in our bedroom if it comes down to it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Beppie I suppose you're right, although the thought still scares me a little bit! i honestly did not enjoy tandeming, which is why i made sure my 2.5yr old (at the time) was weaned before i had #3. BUT, when i tandemed the first two, #1 was still nursing all night long, and she was pretty greedy. i'd end up being up all gnith wrestling the two of them, and then when ethan was a few days old, dh left for 3 months out...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sonneva My DD night weaned herself this week I think :. She was nursing ALL.NIGHT.LONG up until 2 weeks ago. so was my dd (born 1/18/08). it was exausting. the thing is, i nused my first through my second's whole pregnancy and beyond, and i was fine .... nursed the second 1/2 way through the third's and was never tired, but this time ..... ZZZzzzzzz. maybe it's just because it's #4, and i've got three others to...
we stopped a week ago also. the night wakings were just getting to be too much for me, that i was randomly falling asleep in the afternoon (which i've NEVER done before), alone with all three kids. she's my youngest weaned baby, which makes me kind of sad ... but she was only nursing at night time and for naps sometimes, so i think it is okay.
i'm not sure. we've always used nfp, but this is supposed to be our last. dh has always said he'll get a vas. once we're done, but it seems so .... final? i think we'll start out with nfp & then decided if we really are done or not and proceed accordingly.
#: Single Gender: Girl Name: Charlotte Ann EDD: 11/11
things are still good here, but i know in a few weeks it will start to get uncomfortable. this being #4, though, we've found ways to work around it. lol
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