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Big fan of "milk trays" here. You freeze into the tray (1 oz sticks) and then I store in large glass snap lid boxes and eventually to a glass bottle. Not cheap, but last forever. We use the to freeze herbs when I'm not storing milk
Agree with all pposters. We baby moon, no visitors allowed for a while. But before my second all our friends made freezer meals and gave them to us before I had my dd. stuff like freezer lasagna, soups, marinated stuff for the grill, homeade frozen pizza, etc. it was lovely. I could think of their kind wishes while I warmed the meals, but still had the privacy I wanted.
If you google "Leopold's maneuvers' you can get some good videos and descriptions of how MWs/OBs/etc determine orientation. I do find it nearly impossible to do on myself though. I can feel myself feeling myself (IYKWIM) and it it way harder to feel baby.   You can also map your belly according to movements. There are good details on the spinning babies website.
I've been BFing since #1 was born (though #2 weaned a couple months ago). They do go down a bit b/w pregnancies but then quickly puff up to the last big size and then keep on growing with each pregnancy.   I wouldn't worry too much. I think I am a bit of an anomaly from what I hear/see in others. After this baby  weans I am hoping to get down to a more normal size.
Boo to big boobs. I measured yesterday and they are a freakin' H. Each pregnancy just makes them bigger. They make me wanna cry (actually they did make me cry the other evening). Cannot fit into hardly any of my maternity clothes that I wore until the end in the first two pregnancies. Pamela Anderson is from my town, maybe I should call her to borrow some shirts.  
OK - just wanted to be sure no one was getting the idea your boss dissaproved of the website. External version is uncomfortable for women, but I'm thinking less so than a C-section, which is usually by that point the only other option. Version should not be done until >37weeks because complications can lead to an emergency c-section. Not to mention most babies breech before that will turn head down even if mama doesn't do anything. So I agree with you/your boss - other...
I'm right there with you!!!! Not only cannot I remember where my coffee is and have to write down my shopping list (even if I need 2 items), but I am making a fool of myself professionally. Had a meeting with my academic committee last week and couldn't blurt out an articulate sentence to save my life. Kept forgetting words. Luckily all 3 members of the committee have had kids, so hopefully they remember these days. argh.....
Curious what you mean about pain and spinning babies. Are you referring to external version, which could definitely be painful, or to the website "spinning babies" that offers general tips, positions, and exercises to convince baby to prefer a cehalic and anterior position?
  Sounds like a good plan, glad you took my comment as intended. I was thinking about it later and pondering if I came off to harsh. My harshness is directed at no one person, rather at a perplexing theme I am seeing crop up with that test.    Yes to 'purposefully omitting' to the OB. There are aspects of your life/consumption he does not need to know if you continue to see him. I have personally decided I am ok with SOME kinds of sushi - but you'd better believe I'm not...
A coffee card or a nice travel mug? Maybe a mug where you can design the insert and put a pic of your twins and a nice quote about childbirth. I think docs/mws don't often get the thanks they deserve for leaving their beds and families at all hours to join us for our births. Something small to thank her for that might be nice.   I got my MW a small prism for her office. I thought it would be a nice way to perk the place up and fill the room with light and rainbows...
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