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Also shared on facebook...good luck everyone!
Signed up and looking around the blog. My issues have been teaching multiple levels with a younger child in tow and how to still have time for yourself as a person outside of homeschooling. THanks, Amanda 
My sister named her son's with different middle names of Danger and one named Lightning. My youngest son is named Vance which I have never met one before yet. Pregnant and looking for unique names I like reading everyone's responses. Vance thinks our baby should be named Rainbow!
I am expecting our fifth baby! I have babyweared each of our children and wouldn't do it any other way. I love the freedom and closeness it give me. And baby is always happy!!
Glad I read that too! I just signed in through facebook too. Gotta change that I guess..  
Hello , I have just moved to a small town called Spanish. An hour west of Sudbury and half an hour from Elliot Lake, Blind River, and Espanola. I have four young children ages 3yrs,5yrs,8yrs, and 10yrs. I have just started homeschooling and looking for other families that might be in the area. We are also the mothering.com kind of parents to our children.  Looking forward to meeting some new families!  Have a great day/night! Amanda amandatrudeau@hotmail.com
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