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Depends on what you want to be seen for, but Dr. Mindy Cash is an ND and acupuncturist. She is so amazing, really. http://www.healthrootsnaturalmedicine.com/ Off of SE 44th and Powell-ish
Hey Mama's! Long time no chatty Lanny and I are flying out for a funeral on Tues and I was wondering if anyone had a either a Britax backpack strap thing or a bucket carseat I could borrow. I am totally overwhelmed at the idea of carrying the seat, Lanny, and luggage onto a no checked luggage flight. PM me pretty please. xo
Julie, are you talking about the stuff from Azure? We got it last time and froze it. Of course, we didn't need to as we have gone through over half of it in just over a week Anyhow, it freezes great. I will agree that it's a bit of a bummer that it isn't super yellow, but I expect as the season progresses the butter will become more yellow. The taste is amazing though, for sure!
Tribe, I remember reading earlier in the thread that pictures printed out are just fine, as long as you are finding them during the new moon
bag of craft "stuff". random, at best. please take it all!
Does anyone know where to buy mega amounts of beans? We order from Azure , but 25lb bags seem to be the max. Organics would be preferable...
I have to add that nursing a babe means eating more calories, so consider that if you have a very tight food budget!
I was going to say that the duct may still be plugged I would continue with the hot packs. I hate blebs! I have had a few already, but they were easily resolved...
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