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It seems like you maybe got some other bacterias introduced. Gotta start over, unfortunately
ah! does sound like an infection. Lots of nursing and pumping on that side over and over. as much as you can stand. Hot packs. TONS of vitamin C, like at least 1 gram an hour, more as you can tolerate. Water. REST. let us know if us local mama's can help you out.
I wonder if I can make the pudding recipe with coconut milk...
I wouldn't throw it out either. It's still good
I have a pile of chux, some sheets (didn't get used but they are "used"), and a hose adaptor from my birth kit up for grabs. I also have some PP sitz bath herbs, an earthmama angelbaby footsoak and some rrl tea. And a random really cute but will never be used zoo scrapbook. I might even pay someone if they take all of this stuff
yum! I would need to get coconut flour too, but I could make some with another kind of flour, I suppose...
Sounds like my dd's soy rash...
I have said that mantra to myself many times mama and you are right, it's not your stuff, even though it is so very sad
Baking soda should help cut the oil
Oh wow, I wish that we could have that show here in the states!!!
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