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Another mama I know had to reset her DNS settings (????) to get hers to work. Maybe try that???
total smartass!
My DD (who is 3, btw) is also in love with Troy Bolton. And I also think that she is in love with Gabriella. They are both very cute
That used to happen to me! It was horrible and then started happening to even more things, like my cordless phone would start flashing, etc. Turns out my neighbors were using some really strong CB things (like truckers use) and it was making all of my electronics freak out. Maybe one of your neighbors is doing something with a huge amount of electricity?
A little crazy, but it's cool! All for love, right?
I am dying over here!
Tracy, I would have never have been a part of the Holiday Helper several years ago if it wasn't for you. And I have been able to give something every year since. I am so greatful for the energy and vibes that you put into GIVING. It really is a blessing. I also LOVE your astrology column. It makes my day when there is a new one to read
I recieve these daily from my MIL. We have asked her to stop, DH and her have had fights, etc. Yet she won't stop :
Mama, I am so happy for you to be free of pain now. You are so special to all of us and have blown me away with your strength and amazing spirit. I am so thankful that you and your sister were able to share your lives and journeys with us. Enjoy your peace, dear mama, everything here will heal and be taken care of.
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