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Oh wow, that is so beautiful. I love the one where mama is helping the babe to air...
I think I spend around $300 a year to replace my totally worn out clothes. I wear out about 10 tee shirts a year and a few pairs of pants. Plus new undies and a bra or two. I get a new pair of flip flops every year too, every couple of years a pair of mary janes and "athletic" shoes. I wish I spent more $, my clothes are trashed.
At my bottom rib (measuring 26ish weeks) and was 21 weeks at the time of that measure
Quote: Originally Posted by UUMom And at the risk of shutting this thread down, I would suggest that is an absolutely **assinine** attitude. 4 yr olds do not need 'punishment". They need our love and compassion and our *adult* thinking to reassure them when they are weepy and needy. Wow, thanks for posting this. I was reading and scratching my head, wondering what has happened to Mothering since I last left the PDX forum...
I am definitely easily scared by nutritional info. It helps me keep myself in check though!
Hey Zulu, did you once have a hyenacart??? I have been trying to hunt you down if so! Please PM me PS, glad that babe got moving!
That's a good idea, at least for a fabric start. I have an idea what she can deal with, but it's also the "heaviness" of the clothes on her body. So no layers, no elastic waists, etc. I know that we will just deal, but man I wish I could figure something out!
I could use some advice re: clothing and winter/fall. My DD really hates clothing and is very particular about what she wears (when she is willing to wear clothes at all). I figured that when it got cold out she would agree to some sort of clothing, but we had a test run while camping and clothes were still a no-go. It was in the 30's and she was totally freezing, but not willing to wear clothes more than a little Hanna dress. I am so worried about having a winter where we...
I wouldn't do the Dawn, but that's just me If you are willing to do the million rinses, you are probably cool. It wouldn't hurt to add vinegar in those rinses, since it will help kill anything left. I would probably continue with the vinegar in rinses until you are sure the yeast isn't coming back
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