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I'm just wondering what kinds of things will keep an infant in optimal health for not being vaxed? ? Vit a,c,d? I wanted to find a homeopathist for constitutional treatment...apparently none exist in my town though.
That is interesting information. If I were to speculate, I would guess the reason most that were vaccinated got it because more people are vaccinated than not....makes you wonder if the vac worked any or if it did absolutely nothing but make the goverment some money...I will have to go find some probiotics. Good thing for everybody to be taking.
Wow that is some good information. It makes pertussis seem a little less daunting. After talking to suzanne I am a little more comfortable with not vaccinating right now anyway. She said to me in her opinion the biggest problem with vaccinating is the manner in which its done - that being injected into the body.I am going to use the homeopathic nosodes, and find some of that ascorbate to have on hand just in case. I'm thinking I will use those nosodes while he's young,...
Hey thanks! I will talk to pharmacist about that today. She should know dosage hey? Homeopathic pharmacist - she is a wise, wise woman, from russia or something like that. That gives a little relief knowing he is probably strong enough to fight it if it does happen. I'm just not comfortable with any decisions regarding this right now. I'm stuck in limbo and its extremely dissatisfying. Just want to make the right decision.
Hi there, I have a 3 year old little boy. My research begun when he was an infant. I've researched vaccines, the diseases, and read personal stories of catastrophe on both ends. My 3 year old was vaccinated on our schedule - one vac at a time and at least a month between vacs. He had one measles shot and no more. We wanted to take that one back. When he did get vaxed we gace him ascorbic acid for a few days prior as well as these little pills we got from homeopathic...
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