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I just bought a few packages of butter made in New Zealand. I thought it was rather cheap, considering it is an imported product, and I read the package carefully to make sure it wasn't blended with oil or anything. It said "no hydrogenated oils" so I was satisfied. Right now, as I was scraping the last bit of butter off the paper, I noticed these words, in tiny print, on the wrapping: gold star premium butter blended. Huh? So it's butter blended with vegetable oil? I did...
The soups from this website are a hit with my family. We especially enjoy the cauliflower soup, spinach soup, and the lentil soups. http://www.turkishcookbook.com/
I need to hang this up on my wall.
Hey Stephanie, your post caught my eye because I'm also originally from Lebanon (west Beirut) but I don't live there. Due to various circumstances, I thought that I would have to have my third baby there a few years back and was pretty much decided on a UC due to absolutely no options. (I ended up birthing in a hospital in a different country.) Anyway I am a member of LLL in the Middle East yahoo group and if I recall correctly, one of the members on there is a LLL leader...
What could possibly worry you about unschooling after all these years and after seeing your kids succeed using this way of learning? I've found your family's experience incredibly inspiring and motivating and hearing that unschooling still worries you sometimes after all these years, worries ME just a teensy weensy while I stand at the beginning of my family's own unschooling journey.
That is fascinating, I'd never before heard of that. Suggestions on where I can read about the hows and whys of this?
Just wondering why it makes it ok if a fifteen year old boy (young man, actually) is going out with a fifteen year old girl (young woman, actually), has sex with her, makes her pregnant, etc., but if he's eight years older it's suddenly not ok. Genuine question, interesting to know cultural pov in these matters.
I live in the middle east and, though it's becoming less common, a lot of girls are still teens when they get married to guys in their twenties+. It works, they're happy. Then again they are socially conditioned to expect that type of thing from a young age and are ready for it. They're not looking to try out more than one partner before settling (not necessarily a recipe for success anyway imo) nor to have fun and ' be a teenager'. They're young adults and are fine with...
My dd did that when DS was born so I brought her back into my bed to fall asleep. Placed her on a mattress at the foot of the bed after she fell asleep. And eventually transitioned her back into her room. It's a tough time for em
Naturally I do have an opinion- my opinion is that episiotomies suck and I want to do anything to avoid one. But I have no idea about whether or not a mw or dr can predict that one is actually needed. Like I said, I've read a lot about the subject and everything I've come away with is: there's no proof they prevent harm. This is why I'm asking if experienced mws can tell when an episiotomy is absolutely necessary and whether an epi will indeed prevent harm at that point -...
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