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Hum.. I think it's a gradual process, like what happened to Jenny. You start of thinking - ok let's examine these things one by one and then you reach a point where you're like good lord the whole lot of em are evil.
I'm taking navidoxine which is a class b drug. But I'm totally useless without it. It's 50 mg b6 and 25 mg meclozine (antihistamine which blocks nausea receptors in the brain or something) and I take it once a day before bed. Every week or so I refrain from taking it for one day to see if the worst has passed. When I wake up a zombie the next morning I know it has not and I continue with the drug. If I didn't have little ones to care for already, I would try to just suck...
SMIL is just gonna be a hindrance to the birth process, my primary concern would be that she NOT be around at all (since apt is so small) - even if it means explaining to FIL why he can't be there either. And he seems understanding enough to accept this - he knows his wife has tendencies to create circuses. Just to be fair, I would also refrain from asking MIL to come. And she has never been present at previous births anyway, so you don't really know how her presence will...
Ha! I get the same exact thing. It's so strange. Also, one of my earliest earliest pregnancy symptoms is super intense sneezes. I can make the roof shake.
I haven't btdt, but when you say these people will be at your birth, do you mean right in the same room you're birthing in or just in the same house? I wouldnt be able to properly birth with anyone in the room with me (even dh makes me more conscious and takes me out of labor land) but if everyone's gonna be at the other side of the house in the living room and kitchen and leaving me well alone, then I wouldn't mind the annoying SMIL.
'Queasiness' is the understatement of the year for me. When it hits, nothing works. Cracking sunflower seeds helps while I'm doing it but afterwards leaves me with a gnawing feeling in my tummy- horrid. I'm so desperate I started taking Navidoxine which is b6 and meclizine (an antihistamine). It takes the edge off things but I'm not sure if it's worth the risk. Anyone else?
Hmmm protein - that's a thought (but a disgusting one atm- Lately all I can eat is dry carby stuff). So sorry you all are going through this also but it's a relief to know I'm not alone.
Ouch! Did you go to a midwife or to a dr. for repair?    eta- Are there positions that m/ws specifically recommend for protecting the perineum?
Im about 7 weeks along and am having EXTREME mood swings. To the point I cant even stand the sight of my (very cute) kids sometimes. I did not notice this in my previous pregnancies. In fact, I used to feel that pregnancy gave me relief from the moodiness I would sometimes experience related to my cycle. Im hoping its something that will pass but it sure is annoying. The stupidest things seem to irritate me. Anyone else?
...did you tear at all during your UC? If not, what position did you birth in? And if so, was it along the old scar line? what factors do you think contributed to the tear? According to Michel Odent, a birthing woman with the right cocktail of hormones (stemming from feelings of security, privacy etc) will instinctively birth in a position that protects from any trauma to her perineum. Just looking for real life stories that reflect this.
New Posts  All Forums: