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Hi I have a 5 month old boy. He is becoming very vommity. He seems to vomit at any time throughout the day. This can be an hour after food. After playing. When I pick him up. 4 weeks ago he had his first dose of DTAP vaccine infrarix. I held off initially vaccinating him as he was diagnosed with mitral valve regurgitation and had open heart surgery at 10 weeks of age to repair the valve. Fortunately this was successfull. And I felt he would have far too many other...
#star8kitten thank you so much. I will get his ears checked and we see a chiropractor regularly but will book in an extra visit. I will try the feeding lying down more on that side. Thanks again for your reply good to know he is not the only on. Babies are so tricky. Just wish there was a manual!!!
Hi My son is 15 weeks old and in the past couple of days when I go to begin to breastfeed him from the right side he screams and refuses to latch. I can then swap him over to the left and he will settle and commence sucking. I have tried to calm him and continue to try the right but he freaks out. I can swap breasts mid feed from left to right and he will feed from the right. Is my little one fussy or is there something I am missing? Has anyone had a similar...
I am just keeping him comfortable and offering him the breast. Thanks
#taximom5 it is nice to hear of someone with a similar situation. I was concerned that with all of the medication and stress from surgery it would be worse for my little one. I too had a bad reaction to the flushot. Of course in all my worry he came down with a cold yesterday. So after a sleepless night for mum I have been relying on saline and a nasal sucker and a vaporizer. I don't think the worry will ever leave. I am still confident in my decision to not vaccinate.
I also have not vaccinated my 3 month old. My son however has undergone open heart surgery at 10 weeks. I felt pressure in the hospital to vaccinate as they said he was more at risk. I struggled with my decision for days. It came down to me re-reading and educating myself again as to why I didn't vaccinate in the first place. Can I say that the parents that choose to not vaccinate are no ally more educated and take the time to research what they put into their child's...
New Posts  All Forums: