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Probiotics in yogurt often are not effective enough for acid reflux, especially since milk is mucus forming.  We used Body Ecology...   We also eliminated wheat which made a HUGE impact and went to a chiropractor in the beginning.   Hang in there, I know it can be heartbreaking and overwhelming, but I guarantee you will find the answers, especially since you are open to exploring other things!    The whole journey for us was such a learning experience that it...
Hi CleoS,   Sorry to hear : (       Have you tried probiotics?  My son used to throw up constantly from acid reflux and it was worse at night when he would lay down.  We gave him cultured veggies (probiotics we made that were like sauerkraut) and he never threw up again.    Thinking of you~~~~
The GAPS diet is absolutely amazing!   We have 2 healthy kids because of it.  After being on it for almost 2 years we eased off with great success.   The most beneficial aspect we found was the inclusion of probiotics into the diet.  Probiotics are so amazing at helping the body to naturally heal so that if you go "off" your diet the body can handle it.  My son can now eat a bite of wheat here and there without issue.  When he was younger just a small bite of wheat...
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