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It says I don't have permission to create an attachment......how do I attache the photo file?
Thank you so much for the information!  I need all of the help I can get!  I spoke with the head nurse at the hospital I am going to deliver at and they were very helpful.  As long as I stay only on glyburide and the baby does not have any low sugar readings baby can stay at my side.  And if for any reason the baby requires going to the nursury the my husband will be able to go with the baby.    Got a great report from my high risk Dr and he said unless something...
I was diagnosed  with GD during my first pregnancy.  The only BS not controlled by diet/exercise was my fasting sugar.  The dietician immediately put me on insulin one shot before bed to control the fasting and it worked with no issues.  I asked about metformin but was told that because diabetes runs in my family they were not going to even let me try it.  At the time I was not informed about the reprecussions of being on insulin.  After my baby was born the hospital...
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