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Wow, Lilac, those are some precious, healthy boys. Congrats! I am very wistful since my guy is almost a year. I have loved every feeding.   I started a Whole 30 and am back down to 135, my starting weight.
136 still. Not sure if I'm double posting since I'm using my phone.
(Rushing in late) 136   Chloe'sMama, I use grapefruits for my late night snack instead of a sweet.
136, one pound up after Thanksgiving.
135 this week, same as I started. I exercised a little twice, still finding it hard to complete a DVD. Next week I'm going to ask DH to watch DS while I go to a BodyStep class to get myself more in gear.   As for Thanksgiving, I had quite a gastrointestinal nightmare last year. I have learned my lesson about going from a low-grain diet to a high-grain meal overload. I planning on taking a measuring cup and allowing myself one cup of stuffing. I love stuffing. I'm also...
lilacvioletiris, thanks for organizing, especially with your bundles on the way!   thecoffeebean, would you recommend the BodyStep class? There's one near me that I'd like to try. I do a beginner's step DVD right now.   For the weigh-in: So sorry, Team Green, but I am up a pound to 136. To mitigate it, it's 135.6 to 136.0. I'm not calling the week a loss because I learned a lot.   1) If I'm going to work out in the evening, I need to start by 7 at the latest. I tried...
I'd love to join if it's not too late. I'm 5'2" and 135.   Today I did some batch cooking and froze 9 meals in single serve containers. I did about 5 days of a Whole 30 last month.   My main goal is regular exercise. I think this is a great community concept.
Do you have any reason to think things will change and she will be a stable, supportive person?   Sounds like not.   She has not earned your trust, and therefore doesn't deserve it.   The guilt is tricky. You can send her pictures of your family if she can handle it. Otherwise it's a matter of remembering you're not being selfish. You're putting your family first. They deserve a peaceful environment too.   Good luck!
I LOVE hearing how everyone's wee ones are at different stages!   I spent several years planning on not having another baby. I don't regret it because it was right at the time, but I can't believe I might have missed out on all the joy I'm experiencing with my little guy if I hadn't changed my mind. He is such a treat. Ack, I just adore him! Today he and DD were rolling the ball to each other and DH has taken to carrying him on his back while I'm at work. He is so...
Hi, mamas! I can't wait to hear how you're doing. I should leave more of these typos in since I'm typing one-handed ;)   I learned an important lesson from my baby. After I was in labor, my midwives said I was tough from my labor, but I didn't believe them them because I ended up crying. Well, TR had to get some blood drawn from his arm, (just routine, turned out fine) and he cried quite a bit and took three phlebotomists (the one that used to work in the NICU got...
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