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I am definitely here waiting. My due date calendar has the nerve to say my baby is 3 days old! http://www.ovulation-calendar.net/due-date-calculator/results.php?method=last_menstruation&month=3&day=22&year=2012&menstrual_cycle=30&luteal_phase=12
Since I'm not having contractions, the baby probably isn't going to arrive in the next 3 hours and 11 minutes. Looks like I'm a January mama!
What an amazing story and perfect name. Congrats!
Emmagrace, what is an APN?
Travelmumma, so glad to hear you're on the mend after such an ordeal. Have you been able to relactate?
I'm 39 weeks tomorrow and would like to gestate until at least the 30th.   Any tips for keeping the baby in besides taking it easy, not having sex, and not taking RRL? I'm in a bit of a tough spot because I actually feel good enough for light exercise. I did my 3rd tri DVD Thursday and went for a short walk today. I'd love to do more, but I don't want to get things started.   I got a stomachache last night and DH was like, Is this happening? I said there would be...
Congrats! Glad to hear everything went so well.
Wow, congrats! I know what you mean about gushing amniotic fluid. I hadn't read about that anywhere last time and did spend quite a bit of time sitting backwards on the toilet. Although I liked the cold feeling on my arms so much I wouldn't mind spending some time there this time ;)   Sounds like a perfect birth. Glad you guys are doing so well!
AlaskAnne, it really can happen, I swear! Last time I didn't go in to labor until I went out to eat with my friends after hibernating in the house for a week.   Mamabeakley, did your midwife do the hearing test? I brought DD to the hospital when she was a month old last time. The pediatrician I had a meet and greet with was making a big deal about it since they normally do it before you leave the hospital here. I'm going to get it done, but she was trying to convince...
I guess half our mamas are busy with their new babes and the other half are busy keeping busy until the babe arrives.   I have completely come to terms with this babe going way into January, although I am nervous that that acceptance will lead to it being earlier...
New Posts  All Forums: