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So for those of you still carrying, how are you making the wait a little easier? I'm trying really hard not to get into a whiny mindset. Labor, birth, and nursing a baby are more fun, and I want to get to the fun part. We might go to the Hobbit for one of those easier-without-a-baby activites.
Love the 12/12/12. Congrats!
Congrats! He's one ounce more than my daughter was. And has lots of hair like her too!
Your DS's comment is one of the sweetest things I've ever heard. :)   Since you had contractions for so long, how did you know you were finally "in labor" (besides the water breaking)?
Awwwwww, what a cutie. Congrats on your hard work :)
Wow, your story is amazing. What a sweet little babe!
Welcome :) I had a pin prick leak a few hours before my water fully broke, and I can't remember if it kept leaking or not. (It was 6 years ago.) I would definitely call your midwife so she can at least be on alert.
That is great news since I'm going to use prefolds with Thirsties. Once we get to 38 weeks, the diaper service will drop off a week's worth. I can't wait.
Very inspiring. Congrats!
I'm not on FB and would love to stay in touch after all the babies arrive. I hit 37 weeks Monday, so now I can ask the baby to come. It could be another month though...   I hope everyone stays on the healing path if needed.
New Posts  All Forums: