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Oh boy, I'll have to wait for Jan 6 if this is right, which would match how many days past EDD I was last time too.
Sounds dreamy. Congrats!
Such a sweet name for a sweet girl. Congrats!
What marvelous strength you have. Congrats!
Squeeeeeeee! Congrats!
What a beautiful little bean. Congrats on both of your good health!
Oh, my goodness, how lovely. Congrats!
Millie, you are so right they are lucky to have close grandparents. Most grandparents barely know each other. My parents and DH's have only met a few times. They'll get it when they're adults :)   What type of stuff have you crocheted for the baby?
Congrats! What an inspirational story.
GreenTeaGinger, congrats on your good news!   AlaskaAnne and Kel, I'll be with you guys at the end (due 12/31).   Sego and Stegan, I'm with you on wanting some pictures this time. I didn't take any last time.   AFM, I got my first "Just one?" comment today after I told the lady at the bank I still have another month.   I've been wearing a stretchy long skirt to work every day, but it is SO HOT! Today my forehead was clammy after sitting for just one hour....
New Posts  All Forums: