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Try a Montessori school for a program tailored to your child. They can receive services at the school.  I work at a Montessori charter and have seen it work well with my class and my own child.  We have a child that does not have an IEP or 504 but really needs his work altered.  He is very gifted so he appears to have severe ADHD. The lead teacher is in touch with his mom weekly. He does not get much work done during class time, but he can finish it after school with the...
I no longer live on LI but am still a member of this group: http://www.lidoulas.com/ They have an amazing group of women.  You can find a doula using the link on the website.  If you want to PM me with a short list I can tell you about the ones I know.  Are you planning a water birth with a midwife there?
Dr Fazio at Atlantic Dental Wellness http://www.dentalternatives.com/ He is holistic.
Many of my friends use the dentist recommended above.  We use a large group in the West Valley and specifically love Dr. Debbie Graham. They also have a Chandler office.  I don't think the dentists work both offices though. http://azpediatricdentistry.com/contact_us.html#chandler
There is also amino acid based formula you can make, but I would consult with a naturopath for a recipe.  I would suggest trying to increase your supply so you can wean him from the supplements since he does best with your milk.  If you need help with that you can go to a LLL meeting or consult a lactation consultant.  You can use Fenugreek, Mother's Milk Tea, oatmeal and herbs to name a few.  Pumping can also help. It is not abnormal for an EBF baby to go 7 days without...
He said he believes in vaccines and for his kids, but understands the concern of those that choose differently. He was more than happy to work with an alternative schedule and no vax parents as well.  Since he was in a group he said to ask for him when I schedulded an appt. since not all dr.'s felt the same way. I guess that is part of the reason he split off.  When I mentioned that I was reading Evidence of Harm, he told me about certain studies in the book that he...
Dr. Randi Jaffe is highly recommended by the Long Island Doula group I belonged to when I lived in NY. I have not used her but have sent many satisfied people to her.  I also have met her a few times and found her knowledgeable and personable. http://drrandijaffe.com/index.html
I am not too far from you. I have  6 and 8 yr old girls.  There is a N Phx AP group on Yahoo.  Search for AP_Moms_of_NorthPhoenix  We have park dates , MNO and lots of moms to get to know.
Jason Halegoua has his own practice now in Medford.  I used him when he was with Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine.  They have many offices and one is in the Pt. Jeff area, but it is a big group.    http://pedsfirst.com/Staff.aspx
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