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A mom pumped during our breaks in a separate rm she was offered. She was also encouraged to pump during the session if needed, but I don't the she felt comfortable with it.
I hope I did not come off as being opposed to the idea of having a doula in my class. It seems like some of the posts are a little defensive. I am glad there are so many of you helping out other doulas. I will not ask them to hand out business cards (as sevenkids stated), but I will certainly refer to them if I cannot take a client for some reason. I hope they will do the same and refer their clients to my class. I have never turned down a doula or childbirth client....
The reason I say "taking a spot" is I have limited room and would have to turn away a full paying student if class reaches capacity. I am in the same situation as the women calling me. I have attended the births necessary and am doing the paperwork now for DONA certification. I never had to do this part of the certification since I am already a CBE. That's why I am asking. I appreciate all your input. I already have one doula signed up and charged her a partial fee....
I have doulas in training calling to see if they can sit in on my class as part of their DONA certification. How much would you charge them (% wise)? If they have already taken a Bradley class (what I teach) would you charge less than if they never took it? I want to be fair, but I am thinking that I should charge something since they are taking a spot in the class.
Hi Janna. I just moved to Peoria from NY over the summer. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I belong to the group Jenny mentioned in the link above. There is also a North Phoenix API group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/AP_Moms_of_NorthPhoenix/ Hope to meet you soon.
My daughter sees Dr Orona, NMD at 32nd St and Tbird in Phoenix. She has helped us so much with her sensitivites to food. Her office will bill insurance for you too. Our visits are covered 80% as an out of network providor. http://www.4wecare.com/shahrzadorona.htm
I went to James Prego in Islip for a similar problem. He was a huge help on the first visit. I will email you when I have time if you want with some tips. There is another dr a little closer to you. Pina Lo Guidice in the Syosset area is great too. Email me if you can't find his or her info and I will look her up. Sorry, gotta run.
I have Aetna PPO. They said they will not cover an NMD or ND when I called. I submitted the bills anyway and they pay 80% like an out of network dr. Not sure if the HMO is the same.
Randi Jaffe http://www.drrandijaffe.com/ I sent others on this board to her and they raved. Hope your baby turns soon.
This is done at my kids school also, but the parents are not invited. We send in a pic of them at each yr of life. They walk around the sun candle once for each yr as the picture is shown and I think the song mentioned above is sung. Then the class sings Happy Birthday to them and they are given a homemade crown made by parent volunteers.
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