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Not to cause any scares, but from what I've read the most likely way to get pregnant with Mirena is if the IUD migrated from the uterus, meaning that it broke through the uterine wall and is lodge somewhere else. This tends to happen most often when the device is first inserted, but is known to happen spontaneously as well. You can tell that the IUD has migrated when the strings are no longer there. Once Mirena has left the uterus, the user might not be protected against...
Personally, I am uncomfortable with the idea of any type of IUD, be it the hormonal version with Mirena or the copper Paraguard. I haven't done as much research on Paraguard, but I know that for Mirena, the manufacturer (Bayer) doesn't even really know exactly how it works. IUDs can also become an issue if they migrate and go through the wall of the uterus, in which case it no longer helps prevent pregnancy. On top of that, these types of birth control cost a ton of...
I'm not sure about the copper IUDs as they aren't really used that often in the US. Hormonal IUDs (Mirena) are more common, and I know that for them there have been some concerns about some of the more serous side effects, like  pelvic inflammatory disease and ectopic pregnancy. In any case, you should talk about all your side effects with your doctor if you haven't already so that they can prescribe you a more suitable option.     Best of luck!
The manufacturers have actually admitted that they aren't certain how the Mirena IUD works, which I think would make most women uncomfortable. Also, there is a chance that it can perforate the uterine or cervical wall if it relocates, which has actually happened to number of women according the lawsuits
Given that there are better and safer options out there, I wouldn't use an IUD. Apparently, there also cases where women have gotten pregnant even with an IUD. In other cases, the IUD moves from its original location and doctors can't find it or it becomes embedded in the uterine walls.
There's been a lot recent controversy/lawsuits over transvaginal mesh, which was used to treat pop. Apparently, they were approved without clinical testing before they went on the market..
I don't know how advanced grade 2/3 is, but apparently exercises can help if symptoms haven't advanced too far. IMO it's always smarter to try and treat a condition without surgery, especially an invasive one like transvaginal mesh, which is getting a pretty bad rep right now. Best of luck, I hope you get better soon. 
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