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Hi,   We eat lot of pasta,rice,potatoes because my husband have a physical job. I think that we don't eat enough vegetables and i really would like to eat more but i don't know lot of recipe with vegetable.   I really would like to learn some US recipe
We have a tajine and a angel cake
Hi everybody,   We are from France and since we arrived i try to cook for my family but i just know french recipe with french ingredients and where we lives it's very hard to find, I may substitute some other foods but has not often.     So I'm looking for easy heathy recipe that i can cook here with US ingredients easy to find.     We usually schedule one of the menus has semaine.Mon husband works in a factory, he changes his team (morning or after noon)...
Maybe some fruits cut and peeled in a box-type tupperware.Or a homemade smoothie She doen't need to eat a lot if she had lunch at 13.00!
Thank you for your answer.     We speak usually french but we translate the simple sentence like "on va au bain-go to the bath" or the other daily things She is register at the Montessori school close to our house for September (if she's potty trained,that's an other question!!) We have a baby and she heard french and english since she was born ( 15 march).
Hi,   We just move from France to USA 6 months ago.My daughter Callie is 2 1/2, so she start speaking french in France.SInce we arrived she heard people and tv speak english,she learn some word from the TV (thank you Dora,Callie always say "let's go"). But she doesn't speak french very well and she just start speak english. She looks like she was lost sometimes,last time she was playing with a farm and a other girl comes and play with her.The girl take the cow...
Hi, In French school you can help for an activity outside of the school like go to zoo,or swimming pool or in "classe decouverte" it's like a camp with all the kids of the class but i think it's the only thing you can do.Rules in France are very differents than in USA,like Isa say maybe if you register in a private school it will be different but i'm not sure!
Thank you!
Hi,   I'm Paloma a French 23y old SAHMom of Callie (3 august 2009 born in hospital in France) and Cleo (15march2012 born in Birth center in Spartanburg SC)   We moved to USA 6 months ago because my husband found a job here.   I love: -my family -have fun with friends,meet new people -sewing, scrapbooking....make things with my hands -reading,listen music,watch movies -blogging (cmamankafait.canalblog.com  in French) -green living and natural...
Hi,   I'm Paloma a French 23 years old SAHMom of Callie (3 august 2009 born in hospital in France) and Cleo (15 march 2012 born in a Birth Center in Spartanburg SC).   We moved in US six months ago because my husband found a job here.     I love : -my family, -sewing,scrapbooking... making things with my hands! -have fun with friends,meet new people -read, -green living and natural life   We are       See you
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